McKinney Farm House

This was one of those spur of the moment photoshoots. God was showing off a little with the sunset and I wanted to capture what was left. I’ve been driving down I380 in between McKinney and Denton Texas for years to get somewhere. This afternoon I set off on 380 having no idea where I would end up. Turns out, I didn’t get far.

I found this old broken down farm just a little way down the road from McKinney. The grass was overgrown, the barn was completely stripped from years of neglegt, and the old house was broken and falling apart. Obviously abandon for years. I strolled around for a while and was reminded of temporary everything man made is. My friend Eric Wooten once said in one of sermons something that really stuck with me and helps me keep things in perspective often, he said “Everything man made on this earth will one day eventually crumble to dust, but God’s kingdom is eternal.” Thank you Jesus for buying my ticket to eternity!

Broken Farm House on 380 McKinney -

Broken Farm House on Route 380 in between McKinney and Denton Texas


Old Barn on Route 380 between McKinney and Denton -

Old Barn on Route 380 between McKinney and Denton stripped of it's roof and walls from time and wheather.

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