Mid West Interior and Exterior Photography of Modern and Classic Architecture

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful holiday season.  May you receive all of God’s Blessings, Mercy and Grace throughout the New Year.  While it is true that I use the abilities God has provided me to photograph for a living, I never stop photographing for myself.  It’s a true passion of mine and I take my camera everywhere I go.  I’ve learned throughout the years to separate work from family time, but I’ve also learned to combine family time with photography!

This holiday season, I had the opportunity to travel to St Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Cold weather as you would expect, and absolutely stunning architecture.  I seized the opportunity as an Architectural Interior and Exterior photographer to capture and share a few of the breath taking buildings  I came across along the way.  Each and every photo shoot is an opportunity to learn and grow.  This mid west architecture photo shoot taught me how to compose, focus, change lenses and make camera adjustments with two pair of gloves on!

These two buildings below are of The University of Minnesota Weisman Art Museum and the Basilica of Saint Mary both in Minneapolis Minnesota.

mid west modern architecture photography

Modern Architecture Photography of the Wesiman Art Museum in Mid West United States.


Church and cathedral interior photography in the mid west united states

Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis Minnesota


higher education, college and university professional photographer in the mid west united states

Weisman Art Museum and University of Minnesota foot bridge


Mid West Architect Photographer

Mid West Interior ArchitectureMid West Exterior Church Architecture

Mid West Architecture Photography

Mid West Architecture Photography

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