Purple Haze In Plano

I had no intentions on photographing tonight. But I’m guessing, many of you local Dallas folks out there saw the same thing I did tonight; how could I pass it up. I was only driving down to the local Kroger grocery store to pick up some ice cream (new flavor – black cherry cobbler) when I opened my eyes to see just about the greatest painting God has painted in this local sky, this season.  The clouds just kept sworming around the Plano sky. It looked almost like a volcano erupting on horizon. Anyway, I travel with my camera most places these days and just happened to have it with me. I pulled over on the side of the road, set up the tripod, click click click, and well, here ya go. Any of  “y’all” aint from Texas, welp, ya just wouldn’t understand!

Purple Haze in Plano Texas - www.gregfolkinsphoto.com

God was showing off a little tonight in Plano Texas. He painted this sunset across the evening sky that simply erupted like a volcano. I promise you, nothing is on fire here!

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