Welcome to Addison Texas

Known for it’s 4h of July “Kaboom Town” and (in my opinion) the nations longest strip of restaurants, Addison Texas is a boom’en little town all summer long. Addison is just a dot on the Dallas/Fort Worth map located between Dallas and Plano. This seems to be the happening spot during the summer months with it’s festive carnivals and sidewalk art shows. There’s plenty of family fun with it’s parks, fountains and yes, shall I say again, restaurants. I went out to shoot a Post Properties commercial photoshoot this evening and took just a few shots to share with the out-of-towners. But I realized this evening, I love this place and will be back to shoot soon.

welcome to addison texas - www.gregfolkinsphoto.com

Welcome To Addison Texas

addison texas fountain and park

Addison Texas Fountain Park

addison texas, addison circle statue - www.gregfolkinsphoto.com

Addsion Circle Statue

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